Concrete staining in Scottsdale, AZ is an inexpensive solution to renovate the concrete flooring in your home or business. You may be looking to give your property a facelift. However, considering your budget, tearing up your concrete flooring may not be a viable option.

At Valley Concrete Coatings & Polishing, we use a five-step procedure during our concrete floor staining process to transform your unsightly flooring into a showpiece.

The Concrete Floor Staining Process

You may feel you cannot get excited about concrete floor restoration or justify the expense. Grayish and uninspiring come to mind. Instead, imagine a polished concrete floor with patterns and vibrant colors that bring a space alive.

Our professionals will start by cleaning any oil stains or other contaminants from the concrete. Next, they will use a floor buffer with a diamond pad to smooth the surface and remove any previous coating. After vacuuming up any dust or debris, our experts will use a mop to apply a concrete cleaning solution to the entire surface and wait for it to dry.

The next step is where the magic happens. Our concrete staining company team members will mask out the design you have imagined. It can be as complex as you desire. Additionally, concrete stains come in many hues to mix and match to achieve your goals for the space. We will use a sprayer to apply the colors in two or three coats and a paintbrush for detail work and the edges.

Your concrete floor restoration will not be complete until our professionals apply several coats of concrete sealer. The sealer gives the surface a high gloss look and protects your design. It also makes the floor easy to keep clean. After this final step, you can be confident your flooring will look great for years because modern protectants can withstand abuse, even in high-traffic areas.

You can take advantage of our concrete refinishing process to upgrade the appearance of many spaces in your home or business.
  • Garages
  • Bathrooms
  • Corridors
  • Lobbies
  • Showrooms

Expert Concrete Staining in Scottsdale

At Valley Concrete Coatings & Polishing, we are a family-owned concrete installation and staining company that cares about the reputation we have built over a decade of hard work. Additionally, our owner is a proud member of the Women’s Association of Concrete Professionals, whose goal is to empower women in the concrete industry. She makes sure our team completes each concrete flooring restoration project on time and within the budget.

You can be confident that our services will meet your expectations because we have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by providing our customers with quality work.

Contact Valley Concrete Coatings & Polishing today in Scottsdale to get a free estimate for your concrete staining project.