Concrete staining in Glendale, CA can turn a simple, low-cost floor into a durable, head-turning surface. Concrete stains deeply penetrate concrete floors, infusing them with color and enhancing their resilience. Concrete dyes, acid stains, and water-based stains create unique looks and improved functional and structural attributes. With concrete floor staining, you can reduce your floor maintenance, increase your home or building’s passive fire protection, tighten your property’s envelope, and enjoy dazzling indoor aesthetics.

Glendale Concrete Staining Services

Concrete staining is a simple, affordable treatment that, with a tight seal, could last two to five years. Diamond grinding creates smooth, blemish-free surfaces before the application of stains. Sealants prevent surface wear so newly stained concrete doesn’t fade under heavy foot or equipment traffic.

While aesthetically pleasing, concrete floor staining is also a practical, convenient flooring solution for many environments, including:
  • Warehouses
  • Residential garages
  • Automotive showrooms
  • Reception areas and lobbies

Many of our clients also use concrete stains in their bathrooms, living rooms, and other common areas.

Acid staining uses inorganic metallic ions mixed with water and acid. These solutions permeate concrete and cause a chemical reaction that establishes a permanent bond. The result is an opaque, slightly translucent surface color infused with marbling effects and deeper, richer hues.

For an even and consistent hue, water-based stains seep into concrete pores and infuse the material with color without causing a chemical reaction. With bright pigments and acrylic polymers, water-based concrete stains are free of acids and solvents.

When choosing a stain, it’s important to consider more than mere aesthetics. Certain stains can make floors less permeable to flammable solutions and materials and more resistant to fires and sparks. Others have a surprising insulating effect that enhances the natural thermal mass of concrete and promotes greater building energy efficiency.

Although concrete stains penetrate floors deeply, heavy machinery, moving vehicles, and feet can still cause abrasions, stress fractures, chips, and cracks over time. Sealant extends the lifespan of all concrete stains while adding stain resistance and simplifying maintenance.

You can call on us during your initial Concrete flooring installation or include staining as part of a complete concrete floor restoration project. Cheaper than concrete replacement, concrete floor restoration smooths and improves aged concrete ahead of staining.

Expert Concrete Floor Staining

We offer cutting-edge concrete floor staining solutions to help our clients establish the look and level of functionality they want in all their paved areas. We’ve proudly served the region for over 15 years with superior workmanship, competitive pricing, and solid guarantees. We take a detailed, hands-on approach to every project and are skilled in producing a broad range of textures, colors, and functional attributes.

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